Heather Vickery

Success and Leadership Coach

I’m eager to share new strategies that will move your personal life and your business forward so that you can authentically create and support a life that you absolutely love.

Transforming your life, starting a new business – indeed, all big changes can seem like a towering mountain or a terrifying abyss. Here is the first secret to scaling that mountain and escaping gravity to sail over the current chasm that blocks you from your goal.
I learned this and other secrets to successful business and life integration by unearthing my authentic self.

How did I do it? At some point, I realized I needed to close my eyes and leap. The momentum of that first leap led to a journey that in turn led to a total life transformation. Challenges along the way included a painful divorce, navigating a co-parenting relationship, and starting a new business. It also included working with my own transformational coach, discovering how to truly believe in myself – and how to fall in love with my new life.

Throughout the adventure, I realized that “hard stuff” opened the door to awesome stuff. I learned that everything I really wanted was just on the other side of uncomfortable. And believe me: I was really uncomfortable. It took being extremely uncomfortable to fully embrace the process of change and to believe in the power of my future: To believe and trust in my power.

March 1, 2021

EP 8 Finding You and Crushing Your Goals with Heather Vickery

Ever felt lost or need to be able to find yourself in order to move forward with your goals or in life? I think we all have, this…

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